The Apocalypse is released!

The Apocalypse (also known as The Apocalypse of Eden) is now released!

Mixing terrifying enemy avoidance with adventure game like puzzle solving, The Apocalypse takes place within the Dissolution/Lunar Descent universe (though its story is completely standalone). It is set aboard a seemingly abandoned starship, the XSS Ecclesiastes. For reasons to be established by the player, who has been sent to investigate, the ship’s crew stopped responding to Company communiques after encountering a mysterious celestial object.

Download The Apocalypse of Eden here.

(Please note: The Apocalypse currently only works for Windows users. I have some hope for getting a Linux version built, but I can’t guarantee when this might be. The mod is also only available in English, but subtitles are provided for all in-game dialogue.)

To get a taste for the kind of gameplay you can expect, check out our gameplay trailer.

The Apocalypse started development in March 2020, largely because I needed a distraction from the uncertainty and chaos of the Covid-19 pandemic. Two years later, and I am happy to be releasing the mod. It draws heavy inspiration from the likes of System Shock 2, and the Penumbra and Amnesia series of games. My aim was to make a self-contained cosmic horror game featuring an interesting story and engaging adventure-style gameplay.

Written by Aaron, Wednesday 16 March 2022

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