The Apocalypse Gameplay Trailer

Things are progressing very well for The Apocalypse, my upcoming horror single-player mod. Indeed, the mod is very close to reaching the point where all that remains is tweaking and polishing. The bulk of the level design work is done, the monstrous enemy is largely complete and voice acting is almost finished recording.

But, you’ve probably read the title and want to see the gameplay trailer. So without further ado, here it is.

The trailer should give a fairly good idea as to the kind of mod I’m developing. I’ve chosen a fairly light part of the game – most of the Apocalypse is fairly dark – but besides this it should be representative of the full campaign (polishing and tweaking aside).

I’m now confident enough to put a low resolution release date forward: 2022. I am hoping to narrow this down to an actual date in January all being well.

Written by Aaron, Friday 12 November 2021